HikaShop 3.0 is released !

January 17, 2017

After a long period of test, with an Alpha and a Beta program, HikaShop 3.0 is available.
With a cart system entirely rewritten, with a new and dynamic checkout system and a core compatible with web-services. That new HikaShop offers a lot of features and improvements which will allow e-commerce stores to go fruther and add-ons like HikaMarket and HikaSerial to go implement more and more features !

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HikaShop 3.0 Beta is available

December 13, 2016

These past months, Obsidev hasn't made any software released, the reason is that the work of around 2 years has been finalized and integrated into HikaShop.
A beta version of that new marjor release of HikaShop is available and it allows to test and discover some new cool features that Obsidev has imagined and implemented with the HikaShop development team.

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HikaMarket 1.7.2 released

September 28, 2016

The new version of HikaMarket provide improvements and some fixes.
The management of the item custom fields and the payment methods has been improved.

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HikaMarket 1.7.1 released

July 29, 2016

That new HikaMarket release provide some fixes but mostly the possibility to have shipping method per vendor groups.

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HikaSerial 1.10.4 released

May 9, 2016

That minor release provides improvements in the attach serial plugin and also adds new features in the integration with HikaMarket.

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HikaMarket 1.7.0 released

April 29, 2015

After several month of development, the new major version of HikaMarket has been published.
The HikaMarket core for the order management changed a lot and now allow features which were not possible before.
In the same time, the order edition in the front-end received a brand new interface.

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eWay Rapid Plugin for HikaShop 1.0.0 released

December 30, 2015

We released a new (and free) payment plugin for HikaShop.
Despite a lot of other payment plugin that Obsidev has developed these last years ; this one is not include in the official HikaShop package due to his size.
So the plugin is available on GitHub.

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HikaSerial 1.10.1 released

December 04, 2015

This minor release of HikaSerial mostly fix some issues reported recently.
It also provide a new feature for the import which allow you to avoid the serial duplication.

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HikaMarket 1.6.7 released

November 21, 2015

The new version of HikaMarket provides improvements in the statistics and some fixes.
Thanks to the new dropdown library, the order management for the main vendor can now be re-design.

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HikaSerial 1.10.0 released

Septembre 30, 2015

This new version of HikaSerial provide new features
* Front-end edition via HikaMarket
* New plugin "private content"

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