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HikaSubscription 2.2.0 released

July 04, 2017

It was the missing feature for HikaSubscription but now the 2.2.0 release provide it: Subscription upgrades !
That new version also include a better integration with HikaShop carts and an option to make the recurring optional.

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HikaMarket 2.1.1 released

April 13, 2018

A minor release of HikaMarket has been published to provide one fix but also various improvements regarding the vendor location system.
That new version implement the integration with the HikaShop 3.4.0 checkout edition system.

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HikaMarket 2.1.0 released

March 2, 2018

This new HikaMarket release integrates the features from HikaShop 3.3.0 and a bunch of improvements.
More than big modification in the approval system, it also include a new features to let users have several assigned vendors.

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HikaSubscription 2.1.0 released

February 07, 2017

Just after the release of HikaSerial/HikaSubscription 2.0.2 we started to work on the Plan files feature to allow users download files depending of their subscription status.
That subscription download is the main feature of that new release !

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