Obsidev offers Web and software development services.


Obscurelighty - Formation, development of modules, improvement of the software.
Obsidev can help you to create your website using Obscurelighty, a fast and light website system.

Joomla! - Development of components, modules or plugins ; Obsidev is specialized in this CMS.

HikaShop, HikaMarket, HikaSerial - More than Joomla!, Obsidev is expert in HikaShop development.
Payment plugin, shipping plugin, custom module, specific plugin or custom component ; A lot of things can be implemented.


Windows - Obsidev creates softwares in C, C++ or C# ; depending the requirements.
Like Obscurelighty or GUIPro softwares, Obsidev likes creating lightweight and optimized softwares.

Linux - Obsidev developped some tools or deamons for Linux in C, C++, Python or Rust.